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Biodegradable Films Market Size Is Booming Worldwide by 2022-2028 : BASF SE, Taghleef Industries, Kingfa Sci & Tech Co Ltd, BioBag Americas Inc., Avery Dennison Corp

Biodegradable Films Market Share & Segment By Application (Food Packaging, Agriculture & Horticulture, Cosmetic & Personal Care Products Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Others) By type (PLA, Starch Blends, Biodegradable Polyesters, PHA, Others), and by Regions | Global Market Forecast 2022-2028

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Pune, Maharashtra — (SBWIRE) — 07/28/2022 — Market Overview, Definition, and Statistics
Biodegradable films deteriorate naturally over time under the impact of environmental factors such as moisture, oxygen, microorganisms, and sunshine. These films were developed to counter issues like air pollution and landfill growth brought on by plastic film. These materials are primarily produced by chemically substituting carbon chains in the raw materials used to make plastic films, causing the degradation process to proceed more quickly than it would with regular polymers. Protein, polysaccharide, or lipid components can be used to create biodegradable films. Additionally, producers can add antibacterial or antioxidant chemicals to films, which can then be used as active packaging. Biodegradable films can lessen the harmful effects on the environment while providing the advantages of plastic mulch and removing the need for removal and disposal.

As per the recent report by SNS Insider, the biodegradable films market is expected to cross USD 1.78 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period of 2022-2028.

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Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges
The biodegradable films market is expanding quickly due to the negative environmental implications of using inorganic mulching materials as well as strict government laws governing the quantity of gas emissions that are acceptable for inorganic mulching materials. The market’s expansion is nevertheless constrained by the high installation costs of biodegradable mulch film. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that the mulching technique would see growth potential due to the growing worldwide population and the therefore increased demand for food output.

The comparatively high cost of bio plastic materials in comparison to oil-based plastics, as well as problems with quality/consistency and density, are some of the significant obstacles facing the global market for biopolymer films and may impede industry expansion in the near future.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Nearly every business has been impacted by the unmatched worldwide public health emergency known as COVID-19, and the long-term impacts are expected to have an influence on industry growth throughout the course of the forecast period. The research study examined the effects of COVID-19 taking into account changes in consumer demand and behavior, supply chain rerouting, purchasing trends, market dynamics, and significant government initiatives.

Market Segmentation
By Application
1.Food Packaging
2. Agriculture & Horticulture
3.Cosmetic & Personal Care Products Packaging
4.Industrial Packaging
5. Others

By Type:
1. PLA
2. Starch Blends
3.Biodegradable Polyesters
4. PCL
6. PBS
8. Others

As starch blends biodegradable film has good film characteristics and relatively few negative environmental effects, it dominates the biodegradable films market on a type-by-type basis.
The agriculture and horticulture segment is leading the biodegradable film market in terms of application since these industries utilize biodegradable films extensively to improve water usage efficiency, which will drive demand for them in the coming years.

Regional Analysis
During the forecast period, the biodegradable films market is anticipated to develop at the fastest rate in Asia Pacific. The demand for biodegradable films for packaging applications in Asia Pacific is anticipated to be driven by factors like the adoption of various environmental rules as well as the growing government restrictions surrounding the prohibition on traditional plastic bags and global warming measures. The Middle East & Africa region is anticipated to experience ordinary growth during the projection period. It is projected that the demand for products in nations like South Africa will be fueled by ongoing technical breakthroughs along with the application of horticulture practices to increase crop productivity. The region’s agricultural and horticultural industries are predicted to have an increasing demand for alternatives to plastic film in the upcoming years.

Competitive Landscape Outlook
Some of the prominent companies present in the biodegradable films market are Avery Dennison Corporation, Taghleef Industries, Polystar Plastics Ltd., BioBag Americas, Inc., Plascon Group, BASF SE, Walki Group Oy, Bi-Ax International Inc., Layfield Group, Groupe Barbier, Cortec Corporation, Futamura Chemical Co. Ltd., Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd., and Paco Label.

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