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Here’s Why Chrysler’s Airflow Concept EV Will Be A Game Changer

The Chrysler Airflow first made its debut during “The Great Depression”. While Chrysler designed the Airflow to impress buyers with its modern design, it failed to impress buyers. Thus, the Airflow was axed from the lineup just four years after its debut.

However, things have changed, and now electric vehicles with sleek styling are the norm, and Chrysler looks prepared with the Airflow Concept to test their luck in the electric vehicle market and kick off their electrification process.

As Chrysler’s first BEV, the Airflow Concept is based on the SLTA Platform, which will underpin the company’s future electric endeavors. The Airflow Concept will be powered by a pair of 201 hp motors combined with a large battery, offering it 400 miles of range. And, it looks amazing inside and out. Here’s why we think the Airflow Concept could be Chrysler’s way back into the game!

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Chrysler Airflow Features A Capable Electric Unit

According to Chrysler, its first BEV will come equipped with a 201-hp electric motor. However, we guess the lower models will feature a single motor powertrain having only 201 horsepower, while the higher models will have two 201 horsepower engines combined into an all-wheel-drive layout, offering around 400 horses combined. The chassis will feature a 118 kWh flat battery designed to offer 400 miles of range on a single charge.

While we don’t know the exact performance of the Chrysler Airflow, we expect the all-wheel-drive models to have a 0-60 mph acceleration timing of around 6 to 6.5 seconds. The EV will supposedly have a regular 15-20 kW standard charger as standard equipment, but we think Chrysler will offer a fast charger as an option just like other companies.

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Sleek and Dynamic Exterior Design

Customary to most luxury electric vehicles, Chrysler also has adopted a modern design language for its first BEV. The Airflow Concept has a modern, expressive, and sleek exterior design, which will attract a lot of potential EV buyers. The Airflow Concept’s streamlined exterior design helps with better aerodynamics and helps in offering a better EV range.

The sleek exterior design is complemented by a thoughtfully selected exterior color palette. The Galaxy Black exterior color beautifully matches the Cyprus Copper exterior design accents. In addition, many parts of the exterior, like the pillars, front grille, and the top of the panoramic glass roof and wheels, are embellished with Cyprus copper accents.

The fascia adds more drama with a pair of sleek crystal LED headlamps and a cross-car grille light blade. The rear is outfitted with a pair of wide crystal LED tail lamps, a spoiler on top, and a faux diffuser below, giving it a sportier character. The tail lamps also feature welcome gestures, departure and other animated signs, and a vehicle charging sign. All added up, the exterior design of the Airflow Concept will help it deliver a strong road presence.

The Airflow Concept Packs A Premium And Spacious Cabin

If you’re already impressed with its exterior design, wait until you take a peek inside. The Airflow Concept features a spacious, upscale, and comfortable cabin designed to offer best-in-class treatment inside. The fine quality materials, minimalistic layout, roomier atmosphere, and vast amounts of technology combine to offer a sophisticated feeling inside.

Most of the parts of the cabin are either covered with black or white soft-touch leatherette surfaces or built with durable white plastic. For decoration, designers have trimmed the interior with piano black interior trims or brushed aluminum accents. To make things feel more premium, some parts of the dashboard are decorated with Cyprus Copper accents and specially crafted crystallized interior parts like the drive mode selector and the start-stop button.

Chrysler’s decision to place the electric motors at the front and back of the chassis shows its merits once you step inside the interior. This witty decision has helped designers make the most of the interior space. Hence, both the front and rear rows look roomy and offer excellent legroom. The cabin offers space for four people, and both the front and rear feature bucket seats. The seats and other interior parts are covered with vegetable-tanned leatherette materials, which are eco-friendly and offer great durability. The seats look sophisticated, and they are specially sculpted to offer uncompromising comfort for longer durations.

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Myriad Of Creature Comforts And Features

The Airflow’s cabin will offer plenty of features. The cabin offers a total of eight displays. The front side alone has six displays, and each screen has its function. Both the left and right front corners have a small climate control display. The driver gets a wide, high-resolution digital instrument cluster and a double-flat-bottomed, leather-covered, heated steering wheel. At the center, the dashboard offers a pair of touchscreens. The one above serves as the main infotainment display, and the one below houses the seating controls. The front passenger on the right also gets a separate screen for entertainment. The rear passengers are given one display each for entertainment as well.

Both the front and rear are equipped with bucket seats covered with vegetable-tanned leather. For extra comfort, the seats come with quilted leather and will feature heating and cooling, thigh and lumbar support, memory settings, and massage function.

The Airflow will feature one of the best infotainment systems on the market. Chrysler informed us that its infotainment system features a new interface that features crisp graphics and comes with functions called SLTA Brain and SLTA Smart Cockpit. This will allow every passenger to create a personalized space for themselves for an improved digital experience. In addition, all the screens will come with a webcam, offering the passengers a work-focused environment. Chrysler also confirmed that it will roll out regular updates, adding new features in the future.

Apart from these, Chrysler has also worked on new safety technologies and has confirmed having the Airflow Concept with STLA AutoDrive having Level 3 autonomous driving technologies. Hence, we expect the Airflow Concept to come equipped with premium safety and driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control with stop-go, lane keep assist and follow, and plenty of others.

We think the Airflow Concept EV will offer Chrysler the push they need in the market. If all goes well, it will be a strong rival to the Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model Y, Lucid Air, and Volvo XC40 Recharge.

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