How Hot Will It Get This Weekend in Ocean County, New Jersey?

Things are going to change this weekend for our weather wise and it’s gonna feel more like mid-July than mid-May here at the Jersey Shore. We have had a fairly cool and wet spring so far, but Mother Nature is going to give us a quick sneak peek at the Summer of 2022.

I was just talking about the weather with someone the other day and they were commenting how we have been robbed of spring and our weather has been so chilly and wet. Well, let’s see if folks are saying “it’s too hot” this weekend as our weather makes a change towards more summer-like weather.

Unsplash.com Jeremy Bezanger

Unsplash.com Jeremy Bezanger

Let’s take a look at this weekend’s forecast and see what we are looking at from Friday into Sunday. Looks more seasonable, but sunny weather Friday, and then the heat moves in.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says “The humidity picture is a bit unclear, so I’m not sure if it’ll be “regular heat” or “steam heat “. Still, you are going to sweat. There is one spot in New Jersey that absolutely will not see the 80s on Friday. That is, of course, the Jersey Shore.”

Saturday “Summertime heat and humidity. Our first widespread 90-degree day of the season. Indeed, I fully expect high temperatures to reach the lower 90s on Saturday across interior New Jersey. Once again, beaches will be cooler, probably topping closer to 70 degrees. Skies will be mainly clear, allowing for plenty of hazy sunshine. A light southwest breeze will keep the hot air moving around. “

Sunday “the biggest chance in this forecast is a later arrival time for this weekend’s eventual cold front. That means Sunday will be hot too — again 90+ degrees away from the coast. We’ll call it a partly sunny day. At the moment, the most likely timing for showers and thunderstorms is Sunday evening. “

Unsplash.com Jarosław Kwoczała

Unsplash.com Jarosław Kwoczała

So keep an eye on kids, pets, and the elderly this weekend as we get a blast of summer weather. We will get a chance to also test out our cooling systems in our homes and cars, stay on top of that and make sure your systems are running well before there are big problems.

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