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The Tri-State might not be thought of as farming territory, but if you drive in any direction, you will find plenty of small, productive farmers working hard to cultivate and sell delicious, healthy produce, as well as farm-made products ranging from soap to baked goods.

Locally made products are important in many ways. Farms and makers earn a living selling their wares; purchases by the community help them thrive. Items are readily available, as there are no supply chains to fight with. You can get to know your farmer, which makes buyers feel more connected to the product. Also, you could make a new friend by getting to know a local farmer.

Difficulties facing farmers include weather (working in it and depending on good conditions for crops to flourish), getting products to market, actually selling the product, managing the farm as a business and competing with large grocery stores.

Some of these difficulties are unique to farming. Some are more challenging to overcome because local farmers work on a smaller scale with fewer, if any, employees.

The point is, when shopping local, don’t forget local farmers. The best way to support local farmers is to visit your local farmers market. Now is a good time to go. It’s the peak of the growing season.

The Boyd County Farmers Market is open from 2 to 6 pm Thursday on Lot K at King’s Daughters Medical Center. It’s also open from 10 am to 2 pm at the same location and 7 am to 2 pm at the KDMC Cedar Knoll Family Care. For more information, call the Boyd County Extension Office at (606) 739-5184.

The Greenup County Farmers Market calls its weekly Thursday hours That Thursday Thing. Vendors are on hand from 4 to 7 pm That’s in addition to those early Saturday hours. The market is beside the McConnell House in Wurtland. For more information, call the Greenup County Extension Office at (606) 836-0201.

The Carter County Farmers Market is open from 9 am to noon or sellout Saturdays behind the extension office at 94 Fairground Drive in Grayson and from 3 pm to sell out Mondays and 8 am to sell out Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Save-A-Lot parking lot wound in Olive Hill. For more information, call the Carter County Extension office at (606) 474-6686.

AKY Makers Market on the Square offers locally made products, including produce, on the second and fourth Saturday through September. For more information, visit the Facebook page Market on the Square.


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