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To the Editor,

A few thoughts…

The January 6th “insurrection” was a Department of Justice false flag operation, followed by a show trial with fake evidence, all unable to be challenged, and paid, scripted witlesses (not a typo), all unable to be cross-examined. People were imprisoned, from this farce.

The longer this continues, the closer the traitor Democrats and RINOs emulate their traditional heroes, the Soviets.

The FBI’s investigation of Trump and raid of Mar-A-Lago might carry somewhat more weight with We, the People, if Hillary Clinton was in orange scrubs and flip-flops for doing the exact same thing Trump’s accused of, but with a private server , and for deleting 30,000 emails and destroying two cell phones with a hammer…after they were subpoenaed.

If nobody like you and I did that, we’d get 20 years.

However, Hillary’s a Democrat, and “…when you’re a Democrat, it’s just…different.”–Jim Quinn

While those enthusiastic FBI agents were raiding Trump’s home, how many were out checking leads from Hunter Biden’s laptop? Or better yet, detaining the famous pedophiles and perverted child abusers on Jeffery Epstein’s list? A letter we’ve yet to officially see, incidentally, even though Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted.

This obviously means most of the list includes prominent Democrats and liberal media celebrity types. If it were Republicans, it would have been released even before Epstein “killed himself.”


Speaking of Epstein; his lawyer, now a federal judge, was the judge who okayed the Trump raid. Coincidentally, I’m sure.


The Biden Administration is adding 87,000 IRS agents who will, reportedly, be armed. This is blatant elitism. The ruling class worries that we commoners aren’t “paying our ‘fair share’…”.

Yet, those doing this are millionaires, who literally write their own tax laws and loopholes.


A friend thinks those 87,000 new agents might soon be perusing your social media, ensuring you’re not posting unapproved thoughts and ideas. If you are, prepare to be audited. “Facebook jail”for real.

I wonder if Brittney Griner will stand for the national anthem, now?

In order to “reduce carbon emissions,” Biden and his loony minions want to phase out most fossil fuels by 2035. To this end, they’re already trying to force us to buy unreliable, prohibitively-expensive electric cars; vehicles which also seem prone, for reasons including overcharging the battery, to bursting into flames. They’re obviously powered by fairy dust, too, and totally not by only sporadically-available charging stations, powered by evil, carbon-generating fossil fuels. While I’m sure these vehicles will eventually be rendered efficient, affordable, and safe, they’re none of those things, right now.

I bet people who dismiss doctors and scientists who are COVID skeptics because “they’re not virologists or immunologists” are big believers in the climate change petition, with “thousands of scientist signatories”…most of whom are not climatologists, nor meteorologists.

Democrat leftist machinations are destroying America.

I truly don’t know how any decent, intellectually-honest, hardworking, patriotic Americans can still call themselves Democrats.

It boggles the mind.

Republican inactivity in the face of it all, isn’t much better.

Rob Denham


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