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Jade plant care – the 3 easy secrets to success for this structurally beautiful succulent

Jade plant care can be mastered with a few simple steps. If you know how to care for succulents, you’ll know that these water-storing wonders can handle a little neglect and are great for novices or newbies.

As Jade plants are succulents, they only need a little care to go a long way. ‘Jade plants – aka Crassula – are super easy to care for, they look a little like miniature trees with their plethora of green thick waxy leaves and are a great addition to a shelf or windowsill,’ says Morag Hill, co-founder of The Little Botanical. ‘They stand a little taller than most succulents which makes them a fab inclusion to a plant gang to add height and style to a shelf or worktop.’

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