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Masked Singer 2022 LIVE – Jack in the Box revealed to be Rudy Guliani as judges guess Queen Cobra is Jada & Willow Smith

THE Masked Singer hosted a new group of contestants Wednesday night, and Jack in the Box was the first to be unmasked.

He was revealed to be Rudy Giuliani.

After the contestant’s identity was revealed, Judge Ken Jeong said “I’m done,” and walked off the stage.

The most recent episode of Masked Singer saw a new group of contestants battle it out on stage, with Prince, Baby Mammoth, Jack In The Box, Space Bunny and Queen Cobra performing.

The judges guessed that Queen Cobra may be a duo, and Robin Thicke name-dropped Jada and Willow Smith.

It came after last week’s episode was the final for Group B, with Armadillo, Miss Teddy, and Ringmaster performing.

In the Final Showdown, Ringmaster ended up defeating Armadillo and Miss Teddy, both better known as Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and Jennifer Holliday, respectively.

Read our Masked Singer live blog for the latest news and updates…

  • Who is Jenny McCarthy? continued

    McCarthy is the author of many parenting books and a proponent of autism study into environmental factors and alternative medical treatments.

    McCarthy revealed in July 2013 that she was dating Donnie Wahlberg, a musician and actor best known for being a member of the New Kids on the Block and in the television series Blue Bloods.

    McCarthy and Wahlberg announced their engagement on The View on April 16, 2014, and they married on August 31, 2014.

  • Who is Jenny McCarthy?

    Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg is an actress, model, activist, TV personality, and author from the United States.

    She started her career as a nudist model for Playboy magazine in 1993, and she was later voted Playmate of the Year.

    McCarthy went on to have a successful television and film career, beginning with a co-hosting role on the MTV game show Singled Out, followed by namesake shows like Jenny, and Donnie Loves Jenny, as well as films like BASEketball Dirty Love and John Tucker must die

    In 2013, she launched her own talk program, The Jenny McCarthy Show, and joined the ABC talk show The View as a co-host, where she remained until 2014.

    McCarthy has been a judge on Fox’s musical competition show The Masked Singer since 2019.

  • Who is Ken Jeong? part three

    Tran Ho, Jeong’s wife, is a breast cancer survivor and a Vietnamese American family physician.

    Zooey and Alexa are their twin children, born in 2007.

    Jeong lives in Calabasas, California, with his family.

  • Who is Ken Jeong? continued

    Jeong is still a registered physician in California, but he has retired from practice to pursue his acting career.

    He is presently a panelist on the American version of the singing competition show The Masked Singer, and he was previously featured on the British version’s inaugural series.

    He’s also the host of the show I Can Hear Your Voice.

  • Who is Ken Jeong?

    Ken Jeong is an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, writer, television personality, and licensed physician, who was born on July 13, 1969.

    He became well-known for his roles as Leslie Chow in The Hangover films and Ben Chang in the NBC sitcom Community.

    He starred in the ABC comedy Dr. Ken, in which he developed, wrote, and produced, and he also acted in the films Knocked Up, Role Models, Furry Vengeance), The Duff, Ride Along 2, Crazy Rich Asians, and Tom & Jerry.

  • Ken walks out

    “I’m done,” said Ken, when Nick Cannon presented Rudy for his final performance.

    The judge walked off the stage.

  • The Jack in the Box is…

    Rudy Giuliani!

    “This is something I would never have guessed,” said Nick. “What made you decide to do this?”

    Rudy said he wants his granddaughter to know you can do anything.

    “It just seemed like it would be fun,” he said. “I don’t get to have a lot of fun.”

  • Last minute guesses

    The judges are making last-minute guesses for Jack in the Box.

    Jenny is going with Joe Pesci.

    Robin guessed Robert Duvall.

    Ken is sticking with Elon Musk.

    Nicole guessed Al Roker.

  • Votes are in…

    The first mystery contestant to be eliminated is Jack in the Box.

    The rest of the contestants are safe this week.

  • Time to vote

    The panel is now voting for their favorite mystery contestant.

    The singer with the least votes will be forced to unmask.

  • Judges react to Space Bunny

    “You have an amazing voice,” said Nicole.

    Robin Thicke said he thinks Space Bunny could be a Caribbean singer, and name-dropped Sean Paul.

    Nicole guessed LeBron James.

  • Up next, space bunny

    Space Bunny is the last contestant to take the stage tonight, and he is representing Team Cuddly.

    Space Bunny is singing Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte.

  • Judges react to Jack in the Box

    “You represented Team Bad in the most badass way,” said Jenny.

    Robin name dropped Robert Duvall.

    Ken said he thinks it could be Elon Musk.

    Jenny said she disagrees. She name-dropped Joe Pesci.

  • Up next, jack in the box

    From Team Bad, Jack in the Box is taking the stage next.

    The contestant is singing Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and The Destroyers.

  • Judges make guesses

    “You’re the real deal,” said Nicole. “This is a professional.”

    Robin name dropped Jada and Willow.

    Ken guessed it could be Anne Hathaway.

  • Up next, Queen Cobra

    From Team Bad, Queen Cobra has taken the stage.

    The contestant is singing Good As Hell, by Lizzo.

  • Judges make guesses

    “This was the most adorable, cutest performance we have had so far on this show,” said Ken.

    Ken name-dropped Nancy Kerrigan, a figure skater.

    Jenny playfully guessed Tonya Harding, the figure skater who beat Tonya.

    Nicole guessed Kathleen Turner.

    Robin Thicke said he was going with Rachael Ray.

  • Baby Mammoth up next

    Team Cuddly has presented its next contestant, Baby Mammoth.

    Robin remarked that the silver medal makes him think Baby Mammoth could be an athlete.

    The contestant is singing Walkin After Midnight by Patsy Cline.

  • Judges make guesses

    “This is a whole new twist,” said Robin Thicke. The judge also remarked on how The Prince sang in Spanish.

    Ken Jeong name-dropped Enrique Iglesias.

    Robin Thicke guessed Derek Jeter.

    Jenny said she thinks The Prince could be Alex Rodriguez.

  • Prince shocks judges

    The Prince is singing La Copa De La Vida by Ricky Martin.

    The judges have jumped up and are dancing.

    “Team good is too good!” said Jenny.

  • The Prince takes the stage

    A new masked contestant has taken the stage, and four others will follow.

  • Tune in!

    The Masked Singer is now airing on FOX.

  • Newer elements in the series

    In the fourth season, a Golden Ear trophy was introduced, which is granted to the panelist with the most right first impression guesses at the end of the season, as well as a reduction in performances and remote audience voting.

    In the fifth season, these aspects were carried over, while wildcard candidates who appeared at the conclusion of some episodes participated for the first time.

  • In front of a live studio audience

    According to Insider, even though each episode is new to home viewers and the shouting audience on TV makes it appear as though the show is being recorded live, the performances are not truly taking place in real-time.

  • How much do The Masked Singer judges get paid, continued

    Fox tends to remain extremely tight-lipped when it comes to salaries and payments, but there are some estimates based on the net worths of each judge.

    According to Cosmopolitan, judges on the UK version of The Masked Singer get paid between $250K-500K. If the payment is similar for American judges, they have probably earned between $1.25million and $2.5million for their time on the show.

    Celebrity Net Worth has host Nick Cannon’s salary listed as $5million – but it remains unclear if that’s his annual salary or his total salary over the last few years.

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