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Quoll Raises The Bar On Analyzing Modern Risks To Homeowners

Free platform exponentially expands scope and accuracy of ownership costs and home value risk analysis and connects massive home renovation market without bias

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quoll – a technology vanguard making homes and families more resilient to the rapidly changing world – launched GetQuoll.com today, a free service that delivers a new level of detailed analysis about environmental, economic, and socio-political threats to ownership costs and long-term home value with useful advice on protecting against those risks. Quoll’s in-depth analysis is radically different from other resources and aggregates data from dozens of reliable sources to provide homeowners a complete picture of risk with projected impacts and a unified answer to their question: “so what?”

To enhance their unique risk assessment, users can also update data on their home and area and address potential threats through tailored projects Quoll recommends, like adding hurricane-rated shingles, using fire-retardant materials, flood vents and barriers, and more.

A unique Quoll score is available for every single-family home in America and goes far beyond alternatives in the market. Quoll is the first company to integrate and analyze data ranging from climate research to local economic and market data, plus optional input from the homeowner. Together, they educate users about which risks are most critical and why, how they impact costs and values, how they might be mitigated, and what ownership costs and long-term value any changes could bring to the property.

“This amount of detail and comprehensive analysis has never before been possible,” said Quoll CEO Ben Cohen. “With Quoll, homeowners and buyers not only learn which major climate impacts are affecting their specific homes, we translate that into exactly what they need to know as homeowners, including showing them what knock-on effects their risk may have. For example, they might be at risk of insurance rate increases, or it might be that climate is depressing the local economy and that is their biggest threat to long-term value. Most importantly, each analysis comes with a set of recommendations to help our users protect against those risks, including projects to make their homes more resilient. GetQuoll.com is the very first online risk mitigation marketplace that financially rewards consumers for being good stewards of their properties.”

Tapping into an estimate $1 trillion market for repairs and upgrades needed to stabilize the physical assets in the residential market, Quoll is the only resource to combine the analysis homeowners need to identify these improvements with convenient, unbiased connections to reliable contractors, valuable vendor discounts, and other solutions if they choose to take action and reduce their home’s specific risk factors. Users receive “Recommended Solutions” tailored to their unique analysis with lists of options, estimated costs and value to the home if completed. They can save these projects and other resources in their dashboard.

“In the very near future, a home’s Quoll score will be as ubiquitous as the MLS listing and an important part of every home buyer’s research,” Cohen said. “And it’s not only the homeowner that wins when they manage this risk. Businesses like insurance companies and mortgage providers love it when homeowners lower their risk, and are some of our biggest champions for helping their customers out.”

How Quoll Builds Accurate Scores

Unlike pure climate modelers, Quoll assesses climate and expands beyond that baseline to include data on home building material, a wide variety of economic and social indicators, housing market data ranging from pricing to delinquencies and more, to paint a full picture of what is actually driving homeowner outcomes. The Quoll platform uses unique application integrations (APIs) and complex software to generate deep analysis, down to the specific latitude/longitude, to derive home-specific risk assessments. Trusted data sources include, among many others:

  • National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD)
  • National Centers for Environmental Information
  • US Drought Portal (NIDIS)
  • National Weather Service
  • US Global Change Research Program
  • Past Weather by Zip Code – Data Table
  • National Drought Mitigation Center
  • National Drought Resilience Partnership
  • Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI)
  • Wildland Fire Assessment System
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis

Why The Housing Market Needs Quoll

Climate change is prompting more powerful and more frequent natural events and destructive storms – as well as major long-term changes – that are destroying both homes and lives. Climate disasters cost Americans $148 billion in 2021 alone, according to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And more than 14 million homes were financially impacted by climate change last year, according to a Climate Change Catastrophe Report compiled by CoreLogic®.

As more homes are destroyed by weather events, lenders have fewer assets to back bad loans and insurers are pulling out of entire markets because they can’t afford to cover the risk. This leaves many consumers uninsured or underinsured and left with nothing but a plot of land and no money to rebuild their lives. Similar to the mortgage crisis in 2008, record inflation combined with increased risks from climate change and man-made threats puts today’s housing market in jeopardy.

“There has been a fundamental misunderstanding in this space,” Cohen said. “Consumers have been trained to think that if their home is just outside the flood, hurricane or fire, that means they’re fine. But, in truth, it isn’t only your home’s risk that costs you. You also pay for the risks of your neighbors and the risks in your local economy. We are on the precipice of a massive re-thinking of what climate risk means to homeownership, and in short, it’s a powder keg sitting next to a fire. The new metric will be how well you can not only identify true risk levels, with the full context of this web of factors, but then how effectively you can mitigate it.”


Based in New York, Quoll Intelligence is empowering resilient homeownership and building safer communities by educating consumers and giving them the tools they need to take action and protect their most valuable asset – their homes. The technology company has invented new methodologies and models to aggregate and analyze critical data down to the specific address, pinpointing ways for homeowners to proactively manage ownership costs and take action to mitigate long-term risks to home value. Find out more at GetQuoll.com.

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