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Social media star branded ‘utterly disgusting’ for suspected wildfire video – World News

Humaira Asghar, who goes by Dolly on TikTok, recently shared a video with her 11 million followers where she said ‘fire erupts wherever I am’, but now she’s feeling the heat as others have branded her ‘disgusting’

Humaira Asghar has been blasted online

A social media influencer has been branded ‘utterly disgusting’ for posing in a TikTok video in front of a suspected wildfire in a national park.

Humaira Asghar is known as Dolly to her fans and recently she shared a video with her 11m followers where she said ‘fire erupts wherever I am’, and there’s a blaze behind her.

But it has been claimed she was filming in the Margalla Hills National Park in Pakistan, and now the Islamabad police are investigating whether Asghar violated the country’s wildlife and environmental protection laws.

Asghar has since deleted the video, which absolutely backfired on her as her followers have branded her ‘utterly disgusting’ and one said: “She should have been holding a bucket of water to extinguish the fire instead of glamorising it.”

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Asghar, who uploads as @dollyofficiall, shared a video on Instagram to hit back at the claims.

She said: “As you can clearly see in this video the billboard indicates the place which is motorway and not (National Park Kohsar). Listen to the person in this video carefully so that you know the reality. I expect justice.”

According to Al Jazeera, temperatures in Pakistan have been soaring and forest fires are common.

Ms Asghar said in a statement she did not start the fire and no harm was done while making the videos, AFP reported.

Some claim she started the fire



But Asghar denies the claims



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Speaking to Pakistani media outlet The News, an Islamabad Police spokesman said: “The area is part of Margalla Hills National Park which has reported multiple incidents of wildfires recently which damaged the ecosystem.”

Although Asghar denied the claims, many of her followers on social media refused to believe her explanation.

One said: “Shame on you. You recording a fake video for clarification. This is not the right way. You need to apologise for this.”

Then a second wrote: “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

And another commented: “Whatsoever, this stunt is really cheap.”

Rina S Khan Satti, environmental activist and chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, shared Asghar’s video, and said: “This is a disturbing and disastrous trend on TikTok! Young people desperate for followers are setting fire to our forests during this hot and dry season!

“In Australia, it is lifetime imprisonment for those who start wildfires. We need to introduce similar legislation.”

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