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Leading housewares manufacturer continues history of sustainable business commitments with its Voice of the Oceans and Serious Business Partnerships

SUGAR LAND, Texas, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shortly after announcing its partnership with Voice of the Oceans to combat plastic pollution in our seas, leading housewares manufacturer Tramontina USA today revealed its next actionable sustainability initiative: a transition from all non-recycled single-use poly bags used in packaging to bags with a minimum of 90% recycled (LDPE) content, reducing the packaging CO2 emissions by nearly 60%. A result of Tramontina’s ongoing partnership with environmental consulting firm Serious Businessthe impact of this change will be recognized across nearly 10 million poly bag units used annually and be completed for all items with production dates beginning February 2023.

This initiative is part of a larger goal to incorporate more sustainable materials across all packaging by 2025 and is just one piece of a packaging components improvement strategy undertaken by Tramontina in conjunction with Serious Business. The work is looking at ways to not only reduce harmful materials, but identify new materials and new processes that will help lead the brand and the industry forward.

“Adding to our long history of eco-friendly practices, we have been actively reviewing all elements of our packaging to decrease the use of plastics where we can and increase our commitment to sustainability across all avenues of our business,” said Mars Mashburn, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing of Tramontina USA. “We are excited for this impactful first initiative resulting from our work with Serious Business and look forward to continuing to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint together in the future.”

“It is our mission to help conscious companies like Tramontina maximize their sustainability efforts and stimulate wide-scale organizational change,” said Willemijn Peeters, Serious Business. “It has been incredible to work with a company that has been implementing sustainable practices for years, and this important step is just the beginning of accelerating Tramontina’s efforts.”

Tramontina’s efforts at their facilities were complemented by their announcement of their US sponsorship of Voice of the Oceans, a global expedition led by the Schurmann Family to call attention to the plastics pollution poisoning our waters and look for innovative solutions and actions to reverse this impact. The expedition began in August 2021 and will conclude in New Zealand in 2023. By combining this commitment with a focus on their own business practices, Tramontina is zeroed-in on making lasting change for today and tomorrow.

“We’re excited to be a partner with Voice of the Ocean and to leverage its expertise in identifying ways to reduce plastic waste and apply those learnings across our supply chain,” he said. Marcelo BorgesCEO of Tramontina USA. “In addition to our long history of eco-friendly practices, Tramontina continues to challenge ourselves to not only innovate, but also lead our business and industry to a more sustainable future. Simultaneously, we also have a vision to develop new projects based on circular economic practices.”

A Brazilian-based company established in 1911, Tramontina makes constant investments in clean technologies. Aluminum waste generated in-house is remelted in the company’s own furnaces and is transformed into new products. Rainwater is harvested and transformed into drinking water. Sunlight is transformed into clean energy.

In 2021 alone, 92% of the electricity acquired by the Group’s companies were from renewable sources and 82% of waste generated was recycled.

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About Tramontina

Founded in 1911 in Brazil, Tramontina is an international brand with more than 110 years of high-end housewares manufacturing experience. Tramontina products, delivering premium quality, innovation, and functionality, are available in over 120 countries. Tramontina is dedicated to being a leading manufacturer of cookware, cutlery, kitchen accessories, and housewares items. One of the company’s core values ​​is environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

About Serious Business

Serious Business is a social enterprise committed to realizing systemic change regarding plastic waste. Creating innovative, economically advantageous front-end solutions, Serious Business collaborates with companies and organizations to encourage the circular economy for plastics and strategically reduce impact on ocean ecosystems.

About Voice of the Oceans

Voice of the Oceans’ purpose is to document the extent of the plastic pollution problem and identify solutions that protect the oceans and improve our planet. Our efforts are led by the Schurmann family with support from the UN Environment Program, the Plastic Soup Foundation and numerous corporate sponsors. Through the data we collect and share, we have opened a global dialogue about ocean pollution that includes not only improving our beaches, but also the animals that are harmed by our plastic waste and carry this invisible waste into the food chain. Micro- and nano-plastics found in the oceans also prevent the oceans from playing their role in sustaining the environment, such as producing oxygen and maintaining climate balance. Follow our expedition and support our efforts at

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