UA climate-change researcher wins a $ 1M national award

TUCSON – Dwelling on the past has earned University of Arizona researcher Jessica Tierney a prestigious $ 1 million award from the National Science Foundation.

The Alan T. Waterman Award is the nation’s highest honor for early-career scientists and engineers, and it recognizes outstanding individual achievements in foundation-supported research.

Tierney was singled out for her efforts to use prehistoric climate signals to reconstruct ancient conditions and help predict the future.

“Studying the past is important because it can narrow our projections for what the climate will look like at the end of the century, and what sort of impacts humans will face,” Tierney said in a statement.

The associate professor in the Department of Geosciences is the first researcher from the UA – and the first climatologist anywhere – to receive the Waterman prize since Congress established it in 1975.

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