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UOB Kay Hian Has Endorsed NDB Money Backed by Nano Diamond Battery, An Intended Partnership To Achieve Long-Term Success

Numerous concerns surround the future of energy. Environmental and biological risks are increasing in direct proportion to the rise in global energy consumption, as existing clean and green energy sources are unable to keep up with the rising demand. Unsurprisingly, the search for new sources of clean energy became a necessity, rather than a fast-developing innovation. Consequently, the market participants, alongside governments and international organizations are looking for ways of achieving this need.

In light of the long-term vision of energy as currency, there are many stakeholders and components in the NDB ecosystem that aim to facilitate new ways of negotiating, tracking, paying, and managing energy. The NDB Hub’s mission is to encourage energy-related innovations that will lead to more efficient and cost-effective energy production, trade, and management.

UOB Kay Hian is one of Asia’s largest brokerage firms and a leading provider of financial services and solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, it has support of more than 80 branches worldwide. With extensive experience and over a hundred years of history, UOB Kay Hian will provide the NDB Ecosystem with the necessary support and advice.

According to Philip Soh Sai Kiang, Director Capital Market at UOB Kay Hian, “NDB Money is an establishment for developing energy-backed or referenced blockchain systems that can be used to realign the financial world with the physical world. NDB’s platform is a potential bridge between FinTech and EnergyTech to alleviate the current global energy crisis.”

It is possible that decentralization of energy distribution will blur the lines between suppliers and consumers, allowing for more seamless and intelligent connections between the two.

Dr. Nima Golsharifi, the CEO at NDB, Inc. said, “Energy-related concepts underpin the NDB ecosystem’s intricate web of institutions. UOB Kay Hian has a strong and reputable team that covers large, middle, and small capitals with an institutional following. We are partnering with UOB Kay Hian to provide the most effective and optimal solutions to the community.”.

About NDB Money

NDB Money (Watt Green Inc.) is an establishment for the development of energy-backed or referenced blockchain systems that can be used to realign the financial world with the physical world. NDB Money was established with the vision of sustainability and transparency. The Watt blockchain provides access to Nano Diamond Battery’s ecosystem and allows the acquisition of its utilities. NDB is audited bt Certik. NDB money is supported by UOB Kay Hian, Digifinex, Amazon AWS, Global Digital Finance, Crypto Valley, Shufti Proand the ITSA.

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