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X-ray could mean more nuclear waste sent to WIPP from South Carolina

Stricter requirements for nuclear waste containers shipped to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad meant new X-ray technology was brought into a Department of Energy facility in South Carolina.

The Savannah River Site announced the technology was installed at its Solid Waste Management Facility to allow workers to characterize transuranic (TRU) waste ahead of shipment to WIPP.

TRU waste is made up of clothing materials and equipment irradiated during nuclear activities throughout the nation. It is buried at WIPP in a salt deposit about 2,000 feet beneath the surface where the salt gradually collapses to permanently entomb the waste.

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The equipment at Savannah River was installed to meet revised waste characterization requirements that called for chemical evaluations of the waste containers and documentation of any oxidizing chemicals.

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