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Yili’s Dairy Silicon Valley comes to life

Dairy production hubs rarely if ever invoke thoughts of sci-fi like buildings and technology, but Chinese dairy products manufacturer Yili has more than succeeded in turning its conglomerate of production and farming facilities into an awe-inspiring destination.

Based in Hohhot, the Global Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park took three years to complete and forms part of a wider complex called the Yili Future Intelligence and Health Valley – nicknamed the Dairy Silicon Valley.

The hub benefits from a host of technological innovations – from smart manufacturing to various levels of automation that replace farm workers. And it’s not all business, either – schools, hospitals, cultural and tourist destinations and residential buildings have also opened on site, integrating ‘industrial and urban functions through an eco-friendly approach,’ as Yili explained.

From an intelligent pasture to a 5D cinema

Yili itself has four facilities – liquid milk and powder production bases, the Chilechuan Ecological Intelligent Pasture, and the Yili Intelligent Manufacturing Experience Center.

The largest of the four is the ‘intelligent pasture’ – a 750-hectare land for a herd of 12,000 cows. Deployed are a number of technologies such as genetic testing and embryo transplantation, while real-time monitoring and management is optimized through big-data technology.

Yili milk powder production base

The powder production plant. Pic: Yili

Feeding, milking and manure cleaning are all automated processes, and the barn environment is carefully controlled remotely. “The pasture adopts a fully enclosed intelligent integrated aerobic fermentation system, which fully achieves ecological circular farming,”a spokesperson told DairyReporter. “The pasture also uses solar energy, air-source heat pumps and electric vehicles to reduce the consumption of fossil energy.”


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